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Cockroach Pest Control Milton Keynes, Bletchley & Newport Pagnell

There are three main types of cockroaches in the UK; the first 2 are The Cockroach (Order Dictyoptera) and the Oriental Cockroach (Blatta Orientalis). You will find these in forests, fields, heath, and moorlands and then there's the German Cockroach (Blatella Germanica) These only like warm, humid conditions.

However, they can all be associated with human habitation. There is a public distaste over the presence in housing, particularly in restaurants, kitchens and hotels. They are most active during the night and prefer to stay hidden in cracks and crevices in the day time. They are attracted to food that's available and will feed on anything from food to animal faeces.

Signs Of A Cockroach's Presence

  • Droppings - Black grainy droppings found in cabinets, along the walls or routes they have travelled.
  • Smear Marks - Where water is plentiful, brown and irregular shaped smear marks will appear in horizontal services and wall-floor junctions.
  • Shredded skin - Brownish skins found close to where they are breeding.
  • Eggshells - These are small dark brown oval-shaped casings.
  • Damage - Look for signs of damage on food packets also on books and leather goods.
  • Live Cockroaches - Usually found around Kitchens and bathrooms leaving a musty smell from cockroaches present in large numbers.

The Problems Cockroach's Cause

  • They can carry all kinds of disease, Salmonella Typhi - which causes Typhoid and Poliomyelitis - Which causes Polio and Dysentery. Dysentery is an illness that causes acute diarrhoea, which may include bleeding.
  • Cockroaches can bite it is rare, but it's a possibility of leaving you with wounds.
  • They can reproduce very quickly so Infestations can overrun your home in no time.
  • They can cause allergies leading to asthma.
  • Cockroaches will eat through books and their bindings and paperwork.

Cockroach Control Methods

  • Baits such as gel and flowable powders containing either Fipronil, Hydramethylnon, Imidacloprid or Abamectin are all stomach poisons.
  • Residual spray and Dust Formulations are containing Organophosphorus, Carbamate or Photo-Stable Pyrethroid Insecticides.
  • Space Spray Formulations, these will usually be formulated to deliver small aerosol particles of Pyrethroid Insecticide. They are unlikely to achieve full control but are useful in the detection of insects from harbourages.

Prevention Of Future Cockroach Damage & Infestation

  • Make sure your home is clean, de-cluttered and sanitised to avoid the attraction of cockroaches.
  • Seal up cracks and holes that they may be able to enter through.
  • Fix any leaking pipes, or anything water may be able to escape through, as they need water.
  • Make your own Natural Cockroach Bait.
  • Keep your home as fresh as possible as some cockroaches love warm, humid conditions.
  • Store any dry foods in tightly sealed containers and keep pet food in sealed bags.

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