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Professional Pest Control Services Kettering

One Stop Services provide 24/7 hour pest control services to domestic and commercial residents who require pest control services in Kettering they can trust.

We can remove or eliminate all types of pests and vermin including, insects, mammals, rodents, birds and reptiles.

Years of experience in pest control has resulted in us using the most efficient combination of insecticides/pesticides available on the market. We have also invested in the latest equipment and traps on the market for efficient pest removal or extermination.

When requested to protect our customer's privacy, we offer discrete unmarked pest control services in Kettering, preventing embarrassment and damage to companies or individuals' reputation.

We guarantee to beat any genuine pest control price quote from companies near you in Kettering.

Free advice and suggestions for long term prevention of reoccurring infestations are always available and pest proofing against any future damage to a property that may occur.

Pests We Can Assist With include









Bed Bugs



Wasp Nest Removal




Snake Removal


Why Choose One Stop Pest Control

There are many reasons for choosing us for your pest control needs, including:-

Non-Lethal Trapping, Control Removal & Release Services

We can assist customers who prefer non-lethal removal and management of certain pests such as Mice, Snakes, Geese, Deer and Fox's. Once safely trapped, we can relocate them to a suitable non-residential habitat where they can be released.

Some Birds and Mammals are protected under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981; therefore, supervised release is the only control option available.

Aerial drone pest survey and inspection is the latest modernisation we have added to our companies services. We are providing a new and affordable way to inspect high rise buildings that were previously only accessible using traditional methods.

With the latest in aerial drone surveying technology, we can quickly examine the roof/gutters for damage and the presence of nesting birds and wasp nests and other hidden pests nearby.

This technology allows us to assess the costs of installing bird proofing of solar panel and window ledges to property and provides our customers with a fast, accurate priced quote for any pest-proofing measures required.

We operate in and out of hours service to provide emergency services 24/7 all year round.

For more information or a free no-obligation price quote for any pest control jobs in Kettering, please phone us on 01908 991096 or 07793 053282 today.