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Mole Pest Control Milton Keynes, Bletchley & Newport Pagnell

We e can assist with mole removal and elimination from gardens, farms, golf courses and other landowners in Milton Keynes, Bletchley & Newport Pagnell and throughout Buckinghamshire.

The mole (Talpa Europaea) is a member of the Insectivora Order. Their bodies are cylindrical and can grow to 16 cm. The mole is covered with velvety black hair that can set in any direction. The mole has large spade-like forefeet which are permanently turned outwards so is well adapted for burrowing. Their eyes are tiny but more than capable of detecting light. They are good at sensing touch, and their hearing is also excellent.

Signs Of Mole Activity

The most apparent sign of moles are the appearance of molehills on the surface of the ground; this is heaps of loose soil. There are 3 different types of tunnels there are deep tunnels mainly for shelter, feeding tunnels, these are pushed out onto the surface as molehills, the moles patrol these looking for food that has fallen into them and then there are surface tunnels, this is where the soil is pushed up to form a ridge on the surface this is where the moles look for invertebrates that may be feeding in the area.

Problems Moles Cause

  • Mole tunnelling can disrupt and interrupt underground alarm systems.
  • Agricultural damage, the inclusions of soil from molehills in the grass can result in unpalatable silage and is a possible source of the disease Listeriosis in livestock.
  • Damaged blades on machinery, the edges used to cut silage can be broken due to stones being dug up on to the surface.
  • Molehills can reduce the availability of grassland available for grazing.
  • Animals and livestock may break or damage their legs when falling into mole tunnels.
  • Molehills are very unsightly on sporting meadows such as golf and bowling greens. They also leave the surface uneven, which in hand leads to deterioration and a considerable quantity of weeds.
  • Damage can occur to crops and gardens where moles burrow underneath seedlings and plants making, them wilt and die.

Mole Control Methods We Can Use

  • Gassing - Using Aluminium Phosphine gas in the form of tablets or pellets placed into the mole tunnels.
  • Pincer Trap - This has two pairs of jaws kept apart by a trigger, once the mole touches it, they then automatically snap shut.
  • Duffus Trap - A spring-activated wire loop.

Prevention Of Future Mole Damage

  • Get rid of or kill available worms on grasslands only practical on sites such as golf and bowling greens.
  • Various deterrent devices are available such as magnetic fields, ultrasound or only noise devices.
  • Burying individual bottles up to their necks in the ground is said to repel moles as the vibrations they send out when the wind hits them and scares them away.

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