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Fox Pest Control & Removal Milton Keynes, Bletchley & Newport Pagnell

At One Stop Pest Control, we can assist landowners, farmers and domestic households with fox management, removal and pest control services in Milton Keynes, Bletchley, Newport Pagnell and throughout Buckinghamshire.

The fox (Vulpes Vulpes) is a member of the dog family; it has reddish fur and usually a white-tipped tail. The fox can be found throughout Mainland Britain in a wide variety of habitats usually moorland, woodland, farmland, urban and suburban areas. They are mainly active at night, and although they may be seen in the daytime, they typically lie up in thick cover.

Signs Of A Fox's Presence

  • Hair - This gets left on thorns or barbed wire where the foxes have passed through hedges or underneath fences.
  • Droppings - Their droppings are pointed at the ends, and twisted, containing undigested food remains, they vary in colour.
  • Footprints - Look out for four toes on both fore and hind feet with claws, toe prints are close together around a triangular-shaped pad.
  • Tracks - As foxes use the same route through grass or undergrowth, they will leave behind a clear thin trail as they move through vegetation.
  • Scent - Foxes leave a musty smell in the air after their presence which could last for many hours after.
  • Dens - They tend to leave food remains around an entrance of a den, especially when they have cubs.

Problems A Fox Can Cause

  • They are a big nuisance, complaints about their noise as they scream and bark.
  • Digging around in gardens and allotments leaving holes.
  • Leaving food or debris everywhere from their interference of bins and rubbish bags.
  • Damage and the taking of livestock these include Game, Poultry and domestic pets such as Rabbit's Guinea Pigs and even on rare occasion's cats.
  • Foxes can carry roundworm, which is usually associated with dogs. The organism can cause blindness in children, although there are no known cases.

Fox Control Methods We Can Use

  • Shooting - Where shooting is used care must be taken to ensure safety and only persons experienced and adequately trained and qualified can undertake this.
  • Snaring - Only the use of free-running snares may be used Self Locking Snares are illegal.
  • Live Cage Trapping - Baited cage traps can be used successfully, and the captured foxes should be humanely killed by shooting or dealt with by a vet.
  • Catch & Release - We can safely trap and release fox's in a more appropriate area.

Prevention Of Future Fox Damage And Returning

  • Fencing - You can deter foxes using 2m high fences or using electric fencing around poultry units and pig paddocks, however, they shouldn't be wired directly to the mains.
  • Repellents - There are several commercial animal repellents but only those approved for use against foxes. You cannot use wood preservatives or disinfectants.
  • Noise Repellents - Detract the fox from returning.

If you would like any more information on our fox pest control & removal and trapping methods or prices in Milton Keynes, Bletchley & Newport Pagnell or the surrounding areas, please contact us.

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