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Geese Pest Control Milton Keynes, Bletchley & Newport Pagnell

Geese were initially introduced to the UK as an ornamental attraction to parks and gardens and have now become established as a common resident bird in both suburban and rural habitats. They live in ponds, lakes, marshals and coastal flats. They are mostly non-migratory, moving only short distances between breeding. Geese leave up to 3 pounds of droppings each, per day so the mess they create can be very unsightly to the areas they inhabit.

The Problems Geese Cause

  • Geese eat large quantities of vegetation, stripping lakes and ponds of grass and plant species by overgrazing.
  • The number of droppings they leave can look unsightly as well as being a slip hazard and a hygiene problem.
  • Geese can carry Bacteria which can cause such things as Chlamydiosis, E-Coli, Listeria, Pasteurella Multocida and Salmonella. They can spread these through faeces, nasal discharge, or bites. Humans tend to manifest infection by having Pneumonia or through a wound.

Geese Control Methods

  • Shooting (where legal) - Shooting adult birds can be successful for significant reduction of populations.
  • Scaring – Visual and acoustic scarers can affect rural areas.
  • Habitat Adjustment – Removal of nesting areas may reduce the breeding population, alternatively making banks steeper or establishing dense vegetation on water margins act as a deterrent.
  • Fencing - Putting fences around feeding areas or waters edges make an area less attractive to geese.

Prevention Of Future Geese Damage And Infestation

  • Invest in a liquid bird repellent that will prevent geese from nesting at your property all season long.
  • Avoid trimming grasses around lakes and ponds to obstruct the view of birds.
  • Install mesh or wire to prevent birds from accessing bodies of water.
  • Let shoreline vegetation and plants to grow to inhibit bird's access to water.

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