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Woodworm Treatment Milton Keynes, Bletchley & Newport Pagnell

Milton Keynes Woodworm prevention and removal. Woodworm is found in many Residential and Commercial buildings; the Woodworm beetles use wood as a food source.

There are several species, including Furniture Beetles, House Longhorn Beetles and Powder Post Beetles. Most of the damage is caused by offspring of the Common Furniture Beetle.

Different species of Woodworm like different types of wood. Some prefer Hardwoods such as Oak, Ash and Mahogany, where others prefer softwoods such as Pine, Spruce and Cedar. All beetles prefer wood that is damp as it's easier to chew.

Where Can You Find Woodworm

  • Floorboards
  • Furniture
  • Joists/Beams
  • Roof Timbers
  • Painted Wooden Surfaces
  • Joinery and structural Timbers
  • Decorative Woodwork
  • Musical Instruments

Signs Of The Presence Of Woodworm

Woodworm can cause a severe amount of Structural Damage and could also pose Health Risks.

Woodworm Control Methods

Prevention Of Future Woodworm Damage and Infestation

Suppose you would like any information or a free no-obligation quote for Woodworm control services in Milton Keynes, Bletchley & Newport Pagnell, or the surrounding areas we cover, please contact us for more information about the problem your experiencing.