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Wasp Nest Removal Higham Ferrers From £55 Low-Cost Wasp Nest Removal Service

Wasp & wasp nest removal Services Higham Ferrers from £55. One Stop Pest Control provide a fast, low-cost wasp nest removal.

Wasps are common throughout Britain, and the number of wasp nests is on the rise. They are social insects that form colonies inside nests specially made in soil banks, roof spaces and cavities in trees, bushes and walls. They come out of hibernation around mid-April and search for a suitable site for their Colony.

A single wasp nest can produce 3,000-8,000 wasps a year. When a wasp hive is disturbed, the wasps will attack and swam an individual stinging them multiple times.

Receiving more than 30-40 stings can be fatal, so they are not to be underestimated in terms of the danger they pose to adults, children and family pets.

A Recent Wasp Nest We Removed

A family were playing in their garden when one of the children kicked a ball into a bush unaware a wasp nest was situated inside. The family were quickly swarmed and covered in angry wasps and received dozens of stings to the face and body (See photos below). The children were terrified after the ordeal, so we paid the family an emergency visit and eliminated the nest.

You will find wasps hovering around Dust bins, Waste Depots and dead Animal Bodies.

Problems Wasps Cause

  • Wasps can spread disease.
  • They are known for their nuisance value in late summer when they search for sweet substances in homes, bakeries, fruiterers and jam/sweet factories.
  • Wasps can inflict a painful sting, a habit that increases as they become more irritable and when the weather becomes colder. Also, become more irritable after ingesting overripe fermenting fruit juice.
  • The anaphylactic shock brought on by an extreme allergic reaction.
  • Wasps can cause damage to a property mainly when nests are located in lofts where they have easy access to the wooden rafters which they will chew to build their nests.

Wasp & Wasp Nest removal Methods in Higham Ferrers

We regularly carry out fast wasp nest removals services across Buckinghamshire, eliminating the hive in a cost-efficient and timely manner.

Residual Sprays - High volume emulsifiable concentrate or wettable powder sprays may be applied to entrance sites. Injector nozzles or crevice nozzles can be used to increase penetration.

Dusting - Dust Formulations applied to wasp nest entrances are likely to be even more effective than liquid sprays.

Aerosols - Jet spray aerosols containing both Knockdown and Residual Pyrethroids are available for professional use.

Prevention Of Future Wasp Damage & Wasp Nests

  • Treat deadwood with repellent. Wasps use deadwood and saliva to create the hive, so make sure that they don't have access to deadwood or treat the available deadwood.
  • Check for gaps and holes in sheds or buildings if you don't make sure that all the holes and gaps are sealed accordingly then the wasps will use these to enter into them.
  • Add light; Wasps hate light so if you can place lights around this will deter them.
  • Wasp traps. Please Make sure these are placed away from your home or busy areas; make sure you empty them regularly.
  • Bins/waste containers. Please make sure these are fully sealed as the wasps will search for any holes that may be in them to gain access or any lid that is loose and easy to enter.

Customer Review

We had a large wasp nest in the roof of our offices and wasps were gaining access to the office itself disturbing our staff and customers who were frequently performing the wasp dance to escape a nasty sting. Luckily One Stop Pest control is based in the same building so were able to remove the nest quickly. Many Thanks
  - 1st August 2018

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